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19-11-2013 An overview of Sustainable Energy Technologies 10:00-11:00 Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Malik SET Center PDF File
26-11-2013 Nuclear Hybrid Energy Concept and Nuclear Desalination System 10:00-11:00 Dr.Salah Ud-Din Khan SET Center PDF File
03-12-2013 Introduction to Wind Energy Systems 10:00-11:00 Dr.Ali Eltamaly SET Center PDF File
10-12-2013 Introduction to Renewable Energy Application for Desalination 10:00-11:00 Dr.Mokhtar Guizani SET Center PDF File
17-12-2013 Principles of Hydrogen Storage in Porous Materials 10:00-11:00 Dr.Mohamed Fawzy Aly Aboud SET Center PDF File
24-12-2013 Energy Efficiency And Power Quality Basics 10:00-11:00 SET Center Dr.Hussain Mashaly PDF File

Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Malik

  • The Importance of renewable energy including, solar, wind, hydrogen, biomass etc.
  • The growth of solar & wind installed capacity world-wide during last ten years.
  • The addition of solar PV and wind capacity globally during last year.
  • The current status of renewable energy in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and KSA.


  • Receive an analysis of the growing energy demands interconnected with oil assets consumption and increasing population as challenge for the KSA to make a strategic plan for energy.
  • With development of a nuclear energy program underway in the KSA, gain insight into the many possible options for the development of nuclear reactors including (small modular reactors) which are considered to be the best choice
  • Hear about the feasibility studies for nuclear desalination systems in terms of integrating nuclear technology with desalination systems

Dr.Ali Eltamely:

  • Historical Development of WT.
  • Current Status and Future Prospects of Wind Energy.
  • Types of Wind Turbine Generators (WT).
  • Sizes and Applications of WT
  • Components of WT
  • Wind Power Calculations

Dr. Hussein Mashaly:

  • This lecture gives an over view of the basics of energy efficiency (EE) and power quality (PQ).
  • The concept and the different techniques for improving the EE is demonstrated including lighting, efficient motors, cogeneration, building isolation, smart home, smart grid, and HVAC are explored.
  • PQ for sensitive equipment and the mitigation techniques is also explored.


  • Motivations for Renewable energy Desalination
  • Opportunities and Challenges
  • Potentials impacts and Alternatives


  • Hydrogen safety and regulations.
  • Hydrogen and fuel cell infrastructure.
  • Hydrogen Physical storage; Compressed hydrogen, Liquid hydrogen, Cryoadsorption, Hydrogen Chemical storage
  • Types of adsorbent and general considerations.