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Using Solar Thermal Energy for Power Generation, Desalination and other Applications

On going projects
Development of new systems based on high temperature concentrating technologies
  1. High Temperature Falling Particle Receiver  (Funded by US Department of Energy)
  2. Design & Development of a New CSP System based on Metal Oxides (Funded by US Department of Energy)
  3. Scientific and Technological Alliance for Guaranteeing the European Excellence in Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy  (Funded by European Commission)
Development of new solar desalination systems
  1. Innovative Point Fresnel Collector with Polar Solar Tracking System for Solar Poly-generation (electricity and water)  (Funded by KSA National Plan for Sci. & Tech.)
  2. Theoretical, Economical & Experimental Studies of a Natural Vacuum based Multi-Effect Solar Desalination System using Various Solar Configurations & TES (Funded by KSA National Plan for Sci. & Tech.)


SET short track projects
         Development of new solar water heating systems
  1.       Performance Improvement of Solar Stills (Funded by SET Center)

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Solar PV Group

Transforming light into electricity

On going projects

The solar  PV at SET center is working on

  1. Zinc oxide semiconductor material for PV applications
  2. Studying the effect of  Saudi environment on the performance of solar PV  panels 
SET short track projects
         Smart Windows
  1. The major focus of this project is to develop smart martials that are coated on windows and will be used to allow light to pass in room areas where light is needed and to block it as not needed.

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