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Biomass Energy Group

Biomass Energy Group

Transforming the Bio-waste into Biofuels

The Biomass Energy group at SET center has emerged from the strategic collaboration between the College of science, college of engineering and SET center. Our mission is to make efficient use of the Kingdom’s agriculture and other bio waste resources to produce high value biofuels.

Utilizing a vast range of bio-waste resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our research efforts are mainly focused on the following Biomass conversion processes;

  • Production of Biogas (by anaerobic digestion) and Syngas (by gasification) for transport applications, compressed gas cylinders and as a feed for power plants.
  • Production of Biofuels including Bioethanol (by fermentation), Biodiesel (by trans-esterification) and Bio-oil (by flash pyrolysis) as synthetic fuel for heavy vehicles, ships and other heavy machines.