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Director SET

Welcome message!

Welcome to the Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET) Center at King Saud University. SET is envisaged to be a leading technology developer through its distinguished research in sustainable energy technologies with broader scope to meet the future energy challenges of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The research and technology thrusts at SET center include various energy conversion and storage technologies including Nuclear, Solar, Hydrogen, Wind, storage devices (rechargeable batteries, super-capacitors), Biomass and Geothermal in addition to Desalination as a key beneficiary powered by these renewable energy technologies. The SET center is equipped with state of the art facilities, which not only provide a platform to conduct high level research but also provide opportunity to translate research into innovative prototypes for sustainable energy technologies.

By benefiting from the multidisciplinary background based on KSU’s academic core that is coupled with state-of-the-art research in sustainable energy technologies, we offer an ideal platform to graduate students to fulfill the Kingdom’s need for next generation of experts in sustainable energy.

We welcome the scientists and technologies from both academia and industry to share experiences and skills with us, so together we can contribute for the clean and pollution free environment of our coming generations


Dr. Zeyad Ammar Almutairi

Director SET Center