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Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy Group

Transforming the heat from earth into useful energy

Saudi Arabia is enriched by many geothermal resources that are located along the western coastal parts of the Red Sea, in the form of number of hot springs and many volcanic eruptions. The upcoming thermal waters reach the surface through a complex grid of structural elements which, in general, follow the main tectonic elements and activities prevailing in the whole Red Sea area. In so doing, large number of promised geothermal targets and hot springs are allocated along the coastal parts of Gulf of Suez of Egypt, the Eastern coasts of the east African Rift countries and the south-western coast of Saudi Arabia. These geothermal resources owe their existence to tectonic (or volcanic) heating associated with the opening of the Red Sea/Gulf of Suez rift.

In view of the potential geothermal resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our efforts are mainly focused on the following major research  areas;

  • Geothermal reservoir characterization.

  • Geothermal reserve estimation.

  • Heat generation from radioactive granite.

  • Cost analysis for low- and high-grade geothermal utilizations.

  • Plausible design of power plants for electricity production.

  • Accommodation of Saudi electric grid for geothermal energy.