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Social Responsibility program

Social responsibility

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SET social responsibility program

The special responsibility programs are designed to provide young students with educational material to strengthen their awareness and apprehension of renewable energy technologies.

Our activities

SET is committed to increasing the awareness of general public, students and employees about the adverse impact of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere and the advantages of green energy. In this context the following vigorous activities are organized:

  • A permanent expo center is established at the premises of SET that exhibits models, play cards, art displays and alike to illustrate the above topics. This expo center is open to the public and SET endeavors to invite representatives from various segments of the society.
  • An art competition in the form of conspicuous paintings depicting the role and importance of renewable energy and its impact on the society and global atmosphere, is held. The best paintings are awarded medals or certificates of appreciation.
  • Regular public seminars are held in which scholars are invited to give lectures to general public on the subjects related to the sustainable energy resources and impact of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • SET also calls for scientific fiction/stories addressed to young citizens and children to increase their awareness about the positive role of renewables. The selected writings are awarded and have a chance to be published and copiously distributed to schools in particular and society in general.