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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility

We care !

Scientist and Engineers, both are responsible to the society for which they perform research.

In SET center ideology, knowledge is the key to the development of an innovative and sustainable society. We perform scientific & technical research that can provide society with new opportunities for technological development in safer and cleaner environment.

SET Center runs on sustainable energy

The solar and wind energy are employed to illuminate our Center. The renewable energy supply enables us to reduce CO2 emission by almost 300 kg every month. This arrangement helps us to create interest in young minds and send a positive message for grownups that even a small scale renewable energy implementation can make significant contribution to protect our environment.

SET social services

SET Center recognizes the pressing need for increasing the awareness of the importance of the renewable energy technologies in the society. The awareness programs are arranged to engage younger generation at the earliest level to make sure that the interest in the renewable energy technologies is kept alive.

Last updated on : November 3, 2023 11:50pm