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Combined Gasifier – TEG system

Biomass Gasifier Equipped with a Thermoelectric Power Generation (TEG) System

Promotion of gasification technology using local biomass resources


Currently, a great effort is concentrated on using or recovering waste heat or heat from renewable bio-resources in order to increase the global system efficiency. Thermoelectric generators (TEG) may be used to convert the heat waste, from the biomass units, into power. A well-designed biomass-fed gasifier integrated to a thermoelectric generation modules is a promising solution to take benefit from unused local biomass resources for power generation purposes. This project intends to construct a micro-gasifier combined to a TEG modules to increase the global efficiency of the system. The implementation of the present project would have a positive impact on the socio-economic trend of the kingdom by preventing environmental degradation in terms of waste disposal and also by producing additional energy value products.

Our Research

At SET center, we are developing efficient waste-to-energy systems based on abundant local biomass resources. The gasification process offer an alternative valuable and clean option, as compared to combustion, to produce heat & power as well as several by-products such as biochar, combustible gases or liquids. The integration of TEG systems in gasification units is of high interest and an efficient way to recover energy from waste heat. In this project, we are focusing on designing of a small gasifier based on a downdraft fixed bed reaction system. The integration of the TEG modules will be designed in order to optimize the waste heat recovery for additional power production. The prototype will be instrumented to study the heat and mass transfer characteristics of the gasifier and the TEG modules efficiency as well as the overall system performance.

Technology Impact
  • Prevention of environment by production of cleaner combustible gas via gasification.
  • Increase the overall efficiency of gasification technology.


Prototype: Combined Gasifier – TEG system.

Current Applications:Syngas production, Heat and Power cycles via gasification.

Future Applications:Power plants (IGCC), Hydrogen from Syngas.

Industrial scope:Heat and Power production industry, biofuel industry

Patent:Under process

Publications:Under process