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Wind Turbine systems

New Multi Rotor One Generator Vertical Axis Wind Turbines


Vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) are aerodynamically quite efficient. They have substantial advantages over horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWTs); VAWT does not need to be redirected into the local wind direction, also it’s easier to be implemented and has a quite lower manufacturing cost at low scale applications. In circumstances where a large amount of energy need to be generated at low wind speed, multiple unites of VAWT seem to be the best feasible option especially in low wind speed sites. On the other hand, having individual generators each is attached to its corresponding wind turbine unit with low rating output power will reduce the overall system efficiency. This patent is aiming to design a system of multi low rating VAWTs connected to single high rating generator through common transmission (gearbox). The higher rating AC generators are more efficient in comparison to low rating generators. Also, an anticipated significant cost reduction is another advantage due to the fact that only one controller and inverter are needed for the proposed model, and consequently, the reduction of the required associated circuitry reduces the overall cost and increase the efficiency of the system.

Our Research

This patent is using VAWT with low cut-in wind speed which can work with low average wind speed sites like Riyadh.

Technology Impact
  • Increased efficiency and reduced the overall cost.
  • Increased the reliability of the system.

Prototype:New Multi Rotor One Generator Vertical Axis Wind Turbines.

Current Applications:Battery charger or electric utility integration.

Future Applications:lighting up remote areas.

Industrial scope:Power generation on remote areas.

Patent:US Patent