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Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen Energy Group

Prospects of reducing greenhouse emission by hydrogen powered energy technologies

Almost all major industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the exhaust from over 18 million registered vehicles (Arab News 23rd October 2014) are causing significant amount of greenhouse emission (especially CO2), becoming a major threat for the health of local residents. When it comes to find an alternate fuel, Hydrogen is an environmentally safe Fuel compared to gasoline with zero emission and zero noise pollution effects.

Hydrogen Energy group at SET

The Hydrogen Energy group at SET center is working in joint efforts with the departments of chemistry and chemical engineering at KSU to design and develop first generation prototype devices, which can generate hydrogen from catalytic water splitting, where the process is driven by solar energy to harness sunlight in the form of renewable hydrogen that can be later used as fuel. In general, the SET center is working in three major areas of hydrogen technologies viz. Hydrogen Production, Hydrogen Storage and Hydrogen Utilization.

Our work

Research, development, demonstration and Deployment

The hydrogen energy group at SET is designing new advanced materials to create first generation prototype devices in the following major hydrogen energy technologies

  • Hydrogen generation from solar driven catalytic water and its utilization in Fuel Cell systems for transport applications and stationary power generation.
  • Synthetic gas and synthetic diesel synthesis using CO2 trapped from atmosphere and hydrogen produced from solar driven catalytic water splitting.
  • Development of novel room temperature organic ionic liquids and slats (both protic and aprotic) and protic ionic liquid based polymer electrolyte membranes for Non-humidifying intermediate temperature H2/O2 fuel cells.