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Solar powered Hydrogen Generation

Solar powered Hydrogen generation via catalytic water splitting

Prospects of reducing greenhouse emission by hydrogen powered energy technologies


Hydrogen is gaining significant momentum these days as it displays promising characteristics of clean fuel with zero carbon foot prints. Hydrogen production from catalytic water splitting is being considered as most useful and promising pathway to harness renewable energy (such as solar and wind) in the form of green fuel. The industrial applications of hydrogen can be found in petroleum refining, syngas synthesis, coolant for electric generators at power stations and more recently as energy carrier (fuel) for hydrogen powered Fuel Cell hybrid vehicles and stationary power plants.

Our Research

At SET center, we are developing low-cost novel catalyst materials based on earth abundant elements. These novel catalyst materials display remarkably high catalytic activities for electrochemical water splitting and have potential to replace precious noble metal based catalysts in commercial water electrolyzer systems. Moving one step forward, we are fabricating a commercial prototype of solar powered alkaline water electrolyzer system using our novel bifunctional catalyst based electrodes, which can successfully carry out overall water splitting (Hydrogen evolution at cathode and oxygen evolution at anode) at significantly low over voltages.

Technology Impact
  • Cost reduction compared to precious platinum (>90%)
  • Catalyst is robust, stable and highly efficient for longer periods of water splitting

Prototype: Solar powered water electrolyzer

Current Applications: H2/O2 Fuel Cell for power generation

Future Applications: Petroleum refining, Hydrogen vehicles and stationary power plants

Industrial scope: Petrochemicals, synthetic diesel and synthetic hydrocarbons production

Patent: In process

Publications: In progress